Premium Quality All In One Kit Handsfree Multi-Channel Audio FM Transmitter Charging Car Mount Dock With Extra USB For AT&T Apple Iphone 3G (Comes With Suction Phone Holder)

Premium Quality All in One Kit Handsfree Multi-Channel Audio FM Transmitter Charging Car Mount Dock with extra USB for AT&T Apple Iphone 3G (Comes with Suction Phone Holder)
DESCRIPTION OF ITEM 1: Meet all your needs with this iPhone/Ipod 3 in 1 Car Kit Car FM Transmitter and Car Charger and Car Holder! This all in one kit fulfills the need for all Apple iPods and Apple iPhone users looking for the best and flexible car kit around. With the iPhone you can play music, recharge your iPhone or iPod and it even holds on to the iPod/iPhone securely with no kind of wear and tear. iPhone 3-in-1 Car Kit - Car FM Transmitter + Car Charger + Car Holder features use of any FM station from 88.1 - 107.9 MHz to perfect high quality music from iPhone and iPod. Standard USB-A (5V, 1A) output socket provides charging for Mobile phone, GPS and other devices. Flexible goose-pipe makes it convenient to position device. Compatible with every car in world. Goose-pipe rotation prevention design keeps devices stead and firm in its position. Flexible clamp keeps device in place. High quality silicone gel on back and sides prevent wear and tear.
DESCRIPTION OF ITEM 2: Made of soft plastic material of good quality and finished by good work. Features a series of suction cups on both sides and can be used on flat area for holding your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Smartphone or things those have smooth surface. No adhesive needed. Washable and Movable. If pad becomes dirty, clean pad with soap and water, and re-apply.


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